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The Princess Project was established in 2016 by Ana Warnock, the Founder of Studio Twenty Eight Ltd.

The project’s mission is to provide less fortunate children around New Zealand an evening all about them to celebrate their schooling commitments and achievements, whilst experiencing that amazing feeling of a makeover to show off at a school ball or graduation. The project aims to create an experience that boosts their self-confidence, celebrates their schooling efforts and to allow them to experience a school ball or graduation as most of us take for granted, without money being an issue.


The project started out as the collection of ball dresses to send to Patea School. Patea School is a low decile school in South Taranaki that was holding their first school ball in 25 years and due to the low income levels of the surrounding suburbs, it hasn’t been a viable option in the past. The plan was to receive the dresses back after the ball and reuse them for other students around New Zealand, but that wasn’t enough for Studio Twenty Eight. The generosity of the Wellington Community donating their dresses was overwhelming and she knew that more could be done to help these children feel like princesses and princes for a night.


“Just because a family can’t afford a fancy dress doesn’t mean children should miss out on one of the most iconic schooling events”.

This sparked the Princess Project plan. The establishment of a concept to bring the ball or graduation to the school, and make it as easy as possible for the school, families and children to access the necessary equipment required to run their school balls and graduation evenings.

With enough help from the community, The Princess Project will set up school balls and graduations throughout New Zealand, right through the organization of decorations, venues, to the experience on the evening of stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists dressing up the kids to make them feel like a princess or prince for the night. The Princess Project will then host the evening with dancing and awards for the children.

The Princess Project is still developing and still trying to raise funds to transform this plan into action, but we believe there is enough love and generosity in the community that this will help many children and schools in need.


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