LATE 2017

Over the latter half of 2017 we will focus on collecting dresses from the 2017 ball season that will no longer be used. This will give us a range of sizes and styles that we can take to the schools in need.

We will be launching our online store in late 2017 too, which will help raise money for other administrative operations such as insuring and fitting out our van and all the other expenses that come with setting up the Princess Project. 2017 will also be the first stage of searching for businesses who would like to share some support with us. We will be gathering a list of school to find the exact demand (with the help of your referrals) and plan plan plan.

EARLY 2018

In early 2018 we will focus on fitting out the vehicle with changing rooms and racks to transport clothing. In addition, confirming the list of schools and organising dates of the events and scheduling the delivery of the dresses is high priority. We will be visiting as many schools as possible and prepping the schools for the ball season.


This is when it all happens! The 2018 ball season is the launch of the first proper year of the Princess Project. We will be sharing the journey with you and keeping our supporters up to date.

Stage 4

The plan after the 2018 ball season is to look at the ares the need improving and go from there. We plan to expand The Princess Project into a full event management service for low decile schools that will provide start-to-finish organisation including the venue hire, set up, catering, music, styling the children and hosting the night, making it as easy for the schools, parents and children as possible.

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