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There are many aspects of The Princess Project that require special skills and resources. We have outlined a few areas we need help with but we're open to anything. Fill out the form below and we'll be in contact.


We need a way of getting to the schools and bringing the dresses and suits with us, whilst keeping them wrinkle free. We are currently in need of help to kit out our van which has plenty of space to hang the clothes and let the kids privately try them on. 


We need as many dresses, suits, shoes and accessories as possible in a range of sizes for every child to have a well-fitted outfit. We want these kids to feel a million bucks and it's a perfect way to re-purpose your old ball outfits that will never be worn again.


We plan for the project to expand beyond the delivery of dresses and require venues willing to let us hire out to hold these events. For this, we require everything from sound and lighting, catering and AV, to volunteer help whilst the ball is taking place.


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